Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers (P) Ltd., was established in the year 1981 with the specific purpose of manufacturing High Voltage components & Systems. The unit was started as a Micro Scale unit mainly to design, Develop & Manufacture a wide variety of Highly Specialized Equipments & Components used for Defence & Atomic Energy applications.

Special Products

We at Zeonics Systech manufacture several type of Products and are Versatile in Engineering. We have the following special products developed during our ON going R&D efforts.

  • EMP Procedures, EMP Sources
  • Vaccum Vessels and Systems
  • Special Gas tubes for switching
  • Tesla Coils Solid State type up to 100KV
  • Very high Power Coaxial Cables
  • Energy Pool for high power coaxial experiments
  • Low Inductance flat Geometry moulded Bus Bar System
  • Folded Blume Lines
  • Insitu foaming facility for Airborne equipment
  • Glass to Metal sealing Apparatus
  • Teflon oil Immersed Capacitors sets.
  • Magnetizers
  • Energy storage capacitor , Spot Welding Machines up to 1 Kilo Joules
  • High Speed Slip Ring Test Beds.

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High Speed Slip Rings

Due to the continous involvement in Research and Development by Zeonics Systech in the field of Aerospace Engineering and also in the field of Airborne Components. We have developed and manufactured High Speed Slip Rings which are capable of operating at Speeds of 18,000 rpm and a maximum Voltage of 100Volts D.C. and current of 5Amperes. These Slip Rings are cooled by Nitrogen at around 10PSI. Please find herewith our standard Slip Ring Chart.

Type Cooling forced Max.Speed Bearing Capability No. of Channels Max. Voltage Max. Current
ZE/SR/001 Air/N2 5000rpm 22,000rpm 4 100VDC 0.5 Amps
ZE/SR/002 Air/N2 10000rpm 22,000rpm 4 100VDC 0.5 Amps
ZE/SR/003 Air/N2 15000rpm 22,000rpm 4 100VDC 3 Amps
ZE/SR/004 Air/N2 18000rpm 22,000rpm 4 100VDC 3 Amps

The Slip Rings are very useful for sending electrical current from a stationery object to a rotating object through its shaft and as a Result the Slip Ring becomes a Nodal Component for all High Speed joints to pass electrical Voltage and Current in different equipment. The Typical shaft Diameter is 10mm and shaft length of 30mm Flexible coupling can be supplied as an optional accessory.

Many of our Slip rings are used for Ground based Aircraft Testing requirements and also for specialised armaments requirements.

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