Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers (P) Ltd., was established in the year 1981 with the specific purpose of manufacturing High Voltage components & Systems. The unit was started as a Micro Scale unit mainly to design, Develop & Manufacture a wide variety of Highly Specialized Equipments & Components used for Defence & Atomic Energy applications.

High Voltage Dividers

We at Zeonics Systech manufacture a wide variety of A.C. and D.C. Dividers. Essentially A.C. Dividers are Capacitive in nature and D.C. are Resistive in nature.


Type Wkg.VoltageD.C Ratio H.V.Leakage Current Measurement Max.Output at Max.K.V
ZE/VD/50 50KV 1000:1 <100microAmps 3 1/2 digit DPM   LED Display 50V
ZE/VD/100 100KV  1000:1 <100microAmps 3 1/2 digit DPM   LED Display 100V
ZE/VD/200 200KV 1000:1 <100microAmps 3 1/2 digit DPM  LED Display 200V
ZE/VD/300 300KV 1000:1 <100micro Amps 3 1/2 digit DPM  LED Display 300V
ZE/VD/400 400KV 1000:1 <100micro Amps 3 1/2 digit DPM  LED Display 400V

All the above dividers are Bench top Models with suitable Anticorona Spheres of required Diameter. The Output is directly displayed on the Panel meter with a measuring accuracy of +/- 2%. All the meters are operated on 9Volt Batteries for ease of operation, total Isolation and safety.

A.C Dividers Max.applied Voltage Test Voltage H.V. Limb L.V. Limb Ratio
  @60Hz Extra Capacitor Capacitor  
ZE/VD/AC/50 50KV 20% 100pf 100nf 1000:1
ZE/VD/AC/100 100KV  20% 100pf 100nf 1000:1
ZE/VD/AC/150 150KV  20% 100pf 100nf 1000:1
ZE/VD/AC/220 220KV 20% 100pf 100nf 1000:1

The above A.C dividers are all available either in oil filled version or Gas filled version depending on the Voltage Catagory as well as Insulation level and applications. Ruggedised Military Dividers are also available on special request. We also manufacture Gas filled Voltage dividers for Higher voltage stresses. Kindly contact us for specific dividers and we can design the same for you.

Our speciality is rugged moulded Military Voltage divider probes for Radar, Missiles application.

Kindly contact us for specific requirement

Shock Wave Generators

Zeonics Systech has been regularly involved in manufacturing a wide variety of Power rating of Shock Wave Generators from 25 Joules to 3K Joules Models. These can fire at slow repetition rate of around 30PPM. These are essentially used for Medical applications like Lithotripsy, Eye Surgery (Retina Welding) as well as certain Defence application like Explosive Wire Techniques, studying slapper Detonators, Compact Generators for Missile Stage Separation as well as Satellite Solar Panel Explosive Bolt Triggering.

These Generators basically contains a High Voltage D.C. Power Supply, which charges a D.C. Capacitor and this capacitor discharges through the correct Spark Gap with its associated Breakdown system to make the complete system self sufficient. These systems can transfer a wide range of voltage from 5KVDC to 80KVDC and energy from 25 Joules to 3 Kilo Joules. These are also used for triggering the compressed Generators, and Layer Capacitor Banks which are in the Mega Joules capacity . The complete Generator is designed in a Low Inductance Geometry to take advantage of the shape and hence derive maximum Peak Current from the source. Our standard shock wave generator are listed herewith.

Type Peak Current Energy in Joules System voltage in KV Typical  Typical Peak Current
ZE/SWG/25/20 25 20 10KA
ZE/SWG/100/20 100 20 20KA
ZE/SWG/250/20 250 20 25KA
ZE/SWG/500/25 500 25 30KA
ZE/SWG/1K/30 1000 30 40KA
ZE/SWG/2K/30 2000 30 50KA
ZE/SWG/3K/30 3000 30 100KA

Kindly contact us for specific requirement

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