Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers (P) Ltd., was established in the year 1981 with the specific purpose of manufacturing High Voltage components & Systems. The unit was started as a Micro Scale unit mainly to design, Develop & Manufacture a wide variety of Highly Specialized Equipments & Components used for Defence & Atomic Energy applications.

High Voltage Pulse Transformer

Zeonics Systech Specializes in High Voltage Pulse Transformer and wide varieties are available from our standard stocks. Our smallest Transformer is ZETT-10 with 10KV Output and the Largest is ZETT-300 with 300KV Output. All the Outputs are measured on a standard Needle Point fixture @ 250 C and are Calibrated before dispatch. All the Transformers are ferrite Core based unless otherwise specified. Air Core or Gas Core can also be supplied as per specific requirements. Kindly find herewith our standard Transformer Chart.

Model No. Pulse Output Voltage Input Pulse Voltage - Volts D.C. Isolation Level Max. PRR in PPS Container
ZETT - 10 10kv 200 20kv 1 Moulded
ZETT - 15 15kv 300 20kv 1 Moulded
ZETT - 20 20kv 300 30kv 1 Moulded
ZETT - 30 30kv 300 40kv 1 Moulded
ZETT - 40 40kv 400 50kv 1 Moulded
ZETT - 60 60kv 600 90kv 1 Moulded
ZETT - 80 80kv 800 110kv 1 Oilfilled/Moulded
ZETT - 90 90kv 800 120kv 1 Oilfilled/Moulded
ZETT - 100 100kv 800 130kv 1 Oilfilled/Moulded
ZETT - 120 120kv 1000 180kv 0.5 Oilfilled/Moulded
ZETT - 150 150kv 1000 180kv 0.5 Oilfilled/Moulded
ZETT - 180 180kv 1600 210kv 0.5 Oilfilled/Moulded
ZETT - 250 250kv 2000 300kv 0.5 Oilfilled/Moulded
ZETT - 300 300kv 3000 350kv 0.5 Oilfilled/Moulded

NOTE: All Zeonics Systech Trigger Transformer are either with H.V. Bushings or direct cable terminations as per the request of the customers. All the transformers are designed keeping in mind high level of insulation to cater for ; systematic degradation over the years.

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High Voltage Pulse Generators


  • Trigger Supply For Flashtubes and Spark Gaps.
  • Trigger Voltage Adjustable as per Transformer Selection.
  • Fast Rise Time.
  • Short Delay Time.
  • Pushbutton OR External Pulse Firing Compact Power Supply and Pulser unit rugged & Reliable for all duties.


Zeonics Systech Trigger Module is a compact versatile laboratory instrument designed to provide a high voltage trigger pulse of fast risetime. The ZET SERIES provides a trigger pulse of 20kv to 100kv (depending on model) that can be utilized for initiating commutation in triggered Spark Gaps, xenon flashtubes, or to provide an ignition type pulse for fast triggering. In triggering these devices, the fast rising pulse of the ZET SERIES results in minimum delay time and jitter.

The ZET SERIES is an integrated package consisting of a line voltage to d-c power supply, a primary triggering circuit, and a pulse output transformer. The output is provided through high voltage bushings at the rear of the cabinet or through separate transformer. The bushings provide limited d-c Isolation between the pulse output and ground of the cabinet.

The Trigger Module can be operated by push button control from the front panel, or by a low impedance pulse generator connected through the front panel oscillator input jack. A voltage control provides variable output from low to high depending on the model.


The case of the instrument securely must be grounded. DC voltage greater than are not to be applied to the trigger module unless output terminals are protected by high voltage capacitors.

Trigger Model No Trigger Module Output Low Voltage for Trigger Trigger Transformer Max Peak Voltage Max PRR One Pulse Voltage(For variable output)
ZET / 30 300 volts +5V ZETT / 20 20 kv 1 pps Fixed /Variable
ZET / 60 600 volts +5V ZETT / 40 40 kv 1 pps -
ZET / 80 800 volts +5V ZETT / 60 60 kv 1 pps -
- - - ZETT / 80 40 kv 1 pps -
- - - ZETT / 90 60 kv 1 pps -
- - - ZETT / 100 80 kv 0.5 pps -
- - - - 90kv 0.5 pps -
- - - - 100kv 0.5 pps -


  • Transformer is built-in, in the Model for 20 kv that is ZET 30
  • Above 20 kv all Transformers are separate unless on special request, integration is requested by the user.

We specialise in building customer specific Pulse Generator which can generate pulses of 100 K.V and 1000 K Amperes (1 Mega Ampere) using Customers Capacitor Bands and our pulses Switches as well as electronics.

A Custom designed Pulse Component.

A high voltage Pulse Generator with unique features

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