Zeonics Systech Defence & Aerospace Engineers (P) Ltd., was established in the year 1981 with the specific purpose of manufacturing High Voltage components & Systems. The unit was started as a Micro Scale unit mainly to design, Develop & Manufacture a wide variety of Highly Specialized Equipments & Components used for Defence & Atomic Energy applications.

Pulse Power System

Zeonics Systech has been specializing in a wide variety of Pulse Power Components like Spark Gaps, Pulse Transformers, Rail Gaps etc. off late we at Zeonics Systech have developed a specialised Pulse Power Set up for all the Experimentalist, Nuclear Scientist, Condensed Matter Physicist, a universal Standard Low Power Compact Pulse Power System with all its complete paraphernalia.
Our Standard Catalogue is herewith attached

Advanced System Division

Low Inductance Circular System Capacitor Discharged System Used For Pulse Power Research.


There has been a lot of requirement for Experimental Setups for Capacitor Discharge experiments to be done with variable voltage as well as variable Levels of Energy. As a result of this we at Zeonics Systech have developed standard Bank configuration to enable our customer to have a low cost Reliable Discharge System in which the experimentalist /Scientist can install his required Level of Energy for Experimentation.

Scope of supply:-

The system consists of the following assemblies which when connected together can also be taken to field areas. The complete setup is Possible to Assemble on site.

  • High Voltage Power Supply:- A H.F Based SMPS Power supply is manufactured with Variable Voltage output, to charge the capacitors. The power supply is current controlled & short circuit protected. Typical charge times are around 10seconds.
  • Energy Storage Capacitor: A set of six capacitors will be supplied with two spare capacitors to be installed geometrically in a circular pattern, the energy depends upon the model of the system. Typically Capacitor Values will be Total Energy in Joules divided by Six.
  • Safety & Trigger Command System: A Suitable Spark Gap is installed geometrically within the capacitor assembly which is mounted with a suitable high current fixture which can be attached to any device like a chamber etc of customer's choice. To have a safety system which consists of de-coupling capacitor & Trigger transformer with its associated Trigger Generator, which can operate on a manual as well as a +5V Trigger command.

The Different Models of Systems are enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

Type No of capacitors Value of each
Value of total
system capacitance
System voltage System energy Load Frequency of slots Power supply Rating
ZE/LB/30/2.5KJ 0 TO 25KV 6 1Mfd 6Mfd - 20 K.V.D.C 1.2KJ Central 10PP/Hour
ZE/LB/30/2.5KJ 0 TO 35KV 6 1Mfd 6Mfd - 30 K.V.D.C 2.5KJ Central 10PP/Hour
ZE/LB/30/2.5KJ 0 TO 25KV 6 0.5Mfd 3Mfd - 20 K.V.D.C 600KJ Central 10PP/Hour
ZE/LB/30/2.5KJ 0 TO 35KV 6 1Mfd 6Mfd - 30 K.V.D.C 5.0KJ Central 10PP/Hour
ZE/LB/30/2.5KJ 0 TO 30KV 6 2Mfd 12Mfd - 25 K.V.D.C 3.7KJ Central 10PP/Hour
ZE/LB/30/2.5KJ 0 TO 30KV 19 1Mfd 19Mfd - 20 K.V.D.C 3.7KJ Central 10PP/Hour
ZE/LB/30/2.5KJ 0 TO 30KV 19 1Mfd 19Mfd - 30 K.V.D.C 15.8KJ Central 10PP/Hour


  • These are our standard models of Banks and special Banks can be built on special request.
  • The total System cost which includes all the equipment, starting from charging supplies, Capacitors (6 Nos. + 2 Nos. extra) and also spark Gaps/Rail Gaps as well as Triggering Systems & complete Bus Bar arrangement made out of copper Bars.
  • The load is connected between two Bars of Copper with a spacing of around 150mm within which you can put any fixture of your desire, like, Vaccum chambers, Bomb Calorimeters, Bridge wire Assembly, Special Assembly, Flux Compression Assemblies, Electro deposition cells, slopper Detonators, Pochel Cell assemblies etc.
  • Maximum systems are available are upto 100K Joule but Spark Gap/ Bus Bars & Triggering are Available upto 5 Mega Joule Banks, Coaxial Spark Gaps are also available on special requirement with associated hardware.
  • All systems operate on 24Volts & 28Volts D.C. source Special Systems are also designed for 230Volts Systems or 110Volts Systems.

Kindly contact us for specific requirement

Bridge Wire & Detonation Sets

Several Detonation kits are available using our own indigenous technology for electro ignition explosives. These systems are non remote based Exclusively designed for carrying out studies in the field of high energy explosives for laboratories, institutes, Military explosives as well as special formed explosives. These sets contains all the necessary Hardware from High Voltage Power Supply to complete firing hardware required.

All the Units are manufactured using required Components which are already qualified for reliable operation in a wide variety of conditions. The complete sets are available in specific bands of energy which can be controlled using a suitable Voltage control system. The system is supplied with its suitable connectors. Please find herewith a complete list of our sets as follows

Model KV D.C. Energy Joules Peak Current Max.Length of Cable Cable I/P Timer +5V Logic Command Possible
ZE/FS/10/25/SMPS 10 25 10KA 100MTS ZE/ME/12 28VDC Optional YES
ZE/FS/20/50/SMPS 20 50 10KA 100MTS ZE/ME/20 28VDC Optional YES
ZE/FS/20/100/SMPS 20 100 10KA 200MTS ZE/ME/20 28VDC Optional YES
ZE/FS/20/200/SMPS 20 200 20KA 200MTS ZE/ME/20 28VDC Optional YES
ZE/FS/25/200/SMPS 25 200 20KA 200MTS ZE/ME/20 28VDC Optional YES
ZE/FS/30/50/SMPS 30 50 20KA 200MTS ZE/ME/20 28VDC Optional YES
ZE/FS/30/100/SMPS 30 100 20KA 200MTS ZE/ME/20 28VDC Optional YES

Kindly contact us for specific requirement

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